The New Year celebration is a great time to set your resolutions for the coming year.  We have some for bicycling.  Here are the 2014 Resolutions for the Iowa Bicycle Coalition.

1.  Promote changing lanes to pass bicycles.

2.  Educate more kids with Safe Routes to Schools.

3.  Bigger and better Iowa Bicycle Summit on January 24.

4.  Hold the best Iowa Bike Expo and Route Announcement Party on January 25.

5.  Launch an “on-road” signed bike route in the Dubuque area.

6.  Add another bike ride on June 28 (big announcement coming soon).

7.  Zero bicycle fatalities.

8.  Hold Iowa’s first Iowa Bike Tourism Conference.

9.  Promote 15 miles of World Class single track trail at Whiterock Conservancy.

10.  Launch a campaign for Iowa to be the #1 Bicycle Friendly State.


This list is just the start.  We have a lot of supporters across the state so we can work on these resolutions and more.  If we don’t accomplish everything on this list, it is because we didn’t have enough resources and member contributions.


To those of you have contributed to the Iowa Bicycle Coalition in 2013, thank you.  If you have not contributed or would like to contribute more, it is not too late.  Visit


Keep moving forward,


Mark Wyatt

Executive Director

Iowa Bicycle Coalition