Here’s a quick look ahead toward Wednesday’s 58-mile ride from Eldora to Cedar Falls:

MAP: Getting around in Cedar Falls | Routes in and out of town | Vehicle maps

WEATHER FROM WHO-HD: One of the nicest days on the ride this year will be just over the handle bars today. It will be mostly sunny. The wind will be relatively light and out of the north at 5 to 10 mph. The forecast high is 82; the low, 60.

Today is RAGBRAI Jersey Day.

ALL ABOUT CEDAR FALLS: Cedar Falls’ ride website


Here’s a brief selection of the things you’ll encounter Wednesday:

GARDENS: New Hartford has been known as the City of Gardens since 2012, four years after an EF-5 tornado tore through the town and a flood destroyed 90 percent of the area. Six big buildings that had to be taken down and replaced with large gardens, including a fruit tree garden, a Meditation Garden and a Heritage Garden playground.

ROCK ON: Riders should pucker up to kiss the Steamboat Rock in the town of Steamboat Rock, where they can also document their stay with photo ops with cutouts.  Stop in Ackley to sign names of fallen loved ones on the Hardin County Freedom Rock dedicated to honoring veterans.

CONNECT: Need Wi-Fi? Head to Ackley’s City Hall, Community Center and library. The town’s theme is “I Like Pig Butts and I cannot Lie” and riders can celebrate that with themed t-shirts and a petting zoo.

ENTERTAINMENT: Iowa musicians Karla Ruth, Joe Price Dylan Sires and Neighbors, Bob Dorr and The Blue Band and more will give RAGBRAI riders entertainment in the overnight stop of Cedar Falls while they relax and check out the beer garden.