Here’s a quick look ahead toward Friday’s 65-mile ride from Hiawatha to Coralville and the Iowa River Landing:

MAP: Getting around in Coralville

WEATHER FROM WHO-HD: It will be partly cloudy today. Highs will be a bit warmer. We will see the mid-80s again this afternoon. More clouds will help to filter the sun. There is also a slight chance for a few showers. The wind will continue to stay out of the SSE at 10 to 20 mph. The forecast high is 86; the low, 65.

Today is College Jersey Day.

ALL ABOUT CORALVILLE: Coralville’s ride website


Here’s a brief selection of the things you’ll encounter Friday:

SHOW YOUR SPIRIT: The day the riders cruise through the meeting town of Mount Vernon is college spirit day in the historic college town. There will be school-related photo-ops and a ’60s feel to go with their Live, Love, Ride theme. While you’re in Mount Vernon you can check out their walking scale of the solar system, take an audio tour of the historic district and visit the petting zoo.

LOVE: The Palmer House Stable in Solon was revitalized in 2013 and they are hoping to host RAGBRAI weddings this year on the ride. If you are already married or just not ready to take the plunge, there will be photo ops available too.

CHARITY: If you take your lunch break in Solon, the majority of the vendors’ profits will go to charities, including Mary’s Meals and the Corridor Cares of Solon where funds go to feed school children of Malawi.

ROCK OUT: The overnight town of Coralville will feature the musical styles of the late 1900s. Cheap Trick will rock out to a ’70s theme, Slap’n’Tickle is a tribute to ’80s metal and the Swing Crew plays classic rock, country, pop, swing and any other genre you can think of.