The Iowa Bicycle Coalition is hosting an Iowa Bicycling Day at the Capitol on February 9.  We are urging bicyclists to come to the Capitol and meet with their legislators that day.  In addition, we are hosting a Virtual Day at the Capitol.  

​If there was one day in the year where bicyclists should get involved in bicycle advocacy, February 9, 2022, is that day. All bicyclists need to do is email or call their legislators. We make it simple to send a message to your legislators at our website,  

If we work together, we can accomplish amazing things for Iowa Bicycling.  PLEASE FORWARD AMONG BICYCLING FRIENDS.

What are we lobbying for this year?

Standard Penalties in Fatal Traffic Crashes
(House File 2015 & Senate File 2155)
Under the current Iowa Code, fatal or serious bike crashes are not subject to the same enhanced penalties that fatal or serious injury crashes involving motorists, motorcyclists, or pedestrians. This proposal does not raise fines but does add the infraction to the existing list of enhanced penalties.

Hands-Free or Voice Activated Cell Phone Required While Driving
(House File 2129 (formerly HF392) & Senate File 2141 (formerly SF330))
The drivers who spent the greatest amount of their driving time interacting with a cellphone also had the highest rates of near-crashes and crashes. This bill would require any cell phone use while driving to be done in hands-free or voice-activated mode.

Natural Resources and Outdoor Recreation Trust Fund (IWILL)
(Senate Study Bill 3074 (Renumbered to ?) & House Study Bill 626 (does not contain provisions to enact IWILL))
The Natural Resources and Outdoor Recreation Trust Fund will be funded with a sales tax increase under the Senate proposal.  This will provide more money for trails.  

You can learn more about our policy efforts at