Great news for Iowa’s road safety! The SF547 bill on hands-free driving has passed the House Transportation Committee. This marks a major step forward in the fight against distracted driving and its tragic consequences.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of everyone who has worked to raise awareness and push for this legislation, we are one step closer to creating safer roads for all Iowans. The SF547 bill prohibits the use of hand-held devices while driving and requires the use of hands-free technology when making phone calls, sending text messages, or using other electronic devices while driving.

This victory is a result of the hard work and dedication of lawmakers and advocates who recognize the urgent need to reduce the number of distracted driving incidents in Iowa. But we can’t stop now – there is still more work to be done.

The SF547 bill will now move on to the full House of Representatives for consideration, and we need your help to ensure that it becomes law. Please continue to support this important legislation by reaching out to your representatives and urging them to vote in favor of SF547.

Together, we can make Iowa’s roads safer for everyone. Let’s continue to work together to end distracted driving once and for all.