Send a Cedar Rapids Gazette Letter to the Editor

You indicated on a survey that you would be willing to write a letter to the editor and I would like to take you up on that offer.  

I would like you to send a letter to the Cedar Rapids Gazette thanking Representative Thomas Gerholdfor the work on the distracted driving bill in the legislature.  

You can submit a letter to the editor in three easy steps:

1.  Edit the sample letter below or write your own.

2.  Submit the letter to the Cedar Rapids Gazette (

3. Reply to this email and let me know you’ve submitted the letter so we can watch for it and post it on social media.  

Thank you in advance.  I am grateful for advocates like you who take action.  This grassroots support is what gets things done in the legislature.

Keep moving forward,

Mark Wyatt
Iowa Bicycle Coalition


The bill adding distracted driving to driver’s education (HF380) was brought forward by the Iowa Bicycle Coalition this session to promote the safety of new drivers. In 2017, 3,166 people died in motor vehicle accidents involving distracted driving; this makes up about nine percent of all crash deaths. 

We want to thank Representative Thomas Gerhold for his work on the House Transportation subcommittee and as the bill’s House floor manager throughout the session. Before this bill was passed, student drivers were required to take at least four hours of substance abuse curriculum. This bill changed the language from “substance abuse” to “substance abuse and distracted driving.” Representative Gerhold recognized the importance of this legislation, and we appreciate his dedication. 

15-to-19-year old’s have the most significant proportion of drivers who were distracted at the time of fatal crashes, which is the age group this legislation is primarily looking to protect. Representative Gerhold’s hard work on this bill helped ensure it was signed by the Governor this year.