The World Bank Group has an active group of bike commuters, so when I was invited to join them on their bike convoy this morning, I jumped at the chance.

We were not only celebrating Bike to Work Day a day early, we were also celebrating their new Silver Bicycle Friendly Business award.

Neon yellow shirts were being passed out as we convened at Thompson Boat House in Washington, D.C., to ride the last 2 miles together.  It was an ecclectic group of riders: high heels, ties, dress shoes, slacks, and some spandex. We snapped photos, gave high-fives, and talked about our routes into and around the city.

Presentation of the award2

I presented the Silver BFB award to the World Bank Group this morning.

The day would be a celebratory and informative event of bicycling. Following our ride there was a Confident City Cycling class led by WABA with a bike maintenance class soon after.

The World Bank Group has been part of the Bicycle Friendly Business program since 2009 when they received a Bronze designation. Now with their recent bike facility improvements, promotion of DC’s Bike Share system through subsidized membership to employees, and increased education efforts, they moved up the BFB ranks last month.

Congratulations, World Bank Group, thanks for the ride!

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Alison Dewey
League Program Manager, BFB & BFU

Dewey joined the League in 2008. For four years prior to that, Dewey worked for Massachusetts- based Landry’s Bicycles and served on the board of the Massachusetts Bicycle Coalition. Dewey has a MA in International Relations and Communications from Boston University and is a graduate of St. Olaf College. She spent three years as a Peace Corps volunteer in Senegal.

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