Cyclists and non-bikers alike spent the afternoon at the Iowa Historical Building for the PedalPalooza event.
By 4 p.m. the Nadas were playing on the terrace – after their singer had made it from Perry by bike just in time to shower and perform – state Rep. Dan Kelley was serving as DJ downstairs and groups were wandering through the museum’s new Riding Through History RAGBRAI exhibit.
Ken Rizer, on his third RAGBRAI, walked through the exhibit with his son, Will Rizer, riding his first RAGBRAI.
“RAGBRAI is an important thing to Iowa and it’s important to me,” Ken Rizer, 48, said. “I wanted my son to understand the history. Kind of pass the torch to him so be can carry on the tradition.”
Along with riders, Chris Kramer, the deputy director of the Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs, said she talked with visitors who were hosting cyclists and people from potential futures host cities.
“It’s been a really steady crowd all day long,” Kramer said. “Riders are having a good time, telling me about their stops.”