For some people 83 miles just isn’t enough.
Anyone looking for a bit more challenge turned in Kimballton to add more than 24 miles to their route and bring their daily total to more than 100 miles.
Stacey Burke, 24, North Liberty, was one of them.
Around 9 a.m. she and a friend, Katie Shatek were ready to hit the Karras Loop.
It’s the first full week of RAGBRAI for both and they are going all out.
But Burke says she’s not nervous.
“I figure if I can climb a mountain I can bike 100 miles,” she said.
She climbed Mount Rainier two weeks ago and runs marathons. But her bike training this summer has consisted of a few 40-milers fitted around her 12-hour nursing shifts and rainy weather.
She’s never biked more than 60 miles in a day but isn’t too worried.
“Usually when I tell my body to do something it does it, she said. “It’s the next five days I’m worried about.”
Karen and Don Landin and their daughter Alyssa were also about to set out on the loop. Don Landin has done the loop each of his five RAGBRAIs. Karen has done if one of her four.
“It’s a chance to do a 100-miler,” he said.
They are just hoping this year is cooler than last year.
And Alyssa Landin is attempting the loop on her first full week.
She’s not nervous though.
“She’s got her dad to get her through,” Don Landin said laughing.