Cycling is an exhilarating way to explore the scenic beauty of Iowa, and as RAGBRAI approaches, it’s crucial to equip yourself with the RIGHT Gear to ensure a safe ride. In this article, we’ll delve into the essential gear every cyclist needs – a properly fitted helmet and reliable lights. These two items can make all the difference in keeping you protected and visible while cycling.

Let’s start with the helmet – a vital piece of equipment that safeguards your head in the event of a crash. When selecting a helmet, focus on finding one that offers both comfort and a snug fit. Remember, all new helmets adhere to safety standards set by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), so prioritize finding one that feels right rather than getting caught up in the price tag. Look for the CPSC sticker inside the helmet to ensure it meets safety standards.

Proper adjustment is key when wearing a helmet. Position it level on your head, covering your forehead. Allow only a two-finger width of space between the helmet’s bottom edge and your eyebrows. If your helmet features a retention ring, ensure it’s securely fastened. Test the fit by shaking your head side-to-side – the helmet should move in sync with your head without wiggling independently. Lastly, adjust the straps so they form a “V” shape just below your ears. The chin strap should be snug, allowing room for only two fingers between your chin and the strap.

In addition to a well-fitted helmet, it’s crucial to comply with Iowa’s legal requirements for lights when cycling before sunrise or after sunset. The Iowa Code mandates that bicyclists must have a white headlight and red taillight or reflector that are visible from a distance of 300 feet. To ensure maximum visibility and prevent accidents, make sure your lights are in proper working condition and clearly visible. There are various options available, including reflective vests, clothing, additional lights, and blinking lights. Your local bicycle shop can provide guidance on the best choices for your needs and budget.

As you gear up for RAGBRAI, prioritize your safety by equipping yourself with the RIGHT Gear for cycling. Remember to wear a well-fitted helmet that meets safety standards, and ensure your lights are in good working order and visible to others on the road. With the proper gear, you’ll be able to relish Iowa’s stunning landscapes while enjoying a fun and secure cycling experience. To learn more about the RIGHT Gear and cycling safety, visit

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