Pedaling for Change

You can make a huge difference for bicycling this year when you Pedal for Change with the Iowa Bicycle Coalition. Use the form below to make a pledge (and get a reminder in a month) to donate 1 cent or more for every mile ridden, foot climbed, or whatever bicycling metric you are tracking.

Then, use the second form to report your results after 30 days. It’s totally optional, but we’ll share our top finishers on our social media pages. This can be a fun way to get your bike club some extra exposure or keep you and your buddies on track to your training goals.

Already been biking for 30 days, or want to skip the challenge and make a donation. Use the button below to make your donation, and then share this page with your bicycling buddies to challenge them and make an even bigger difference for bicycling in Iowa.

Pedaling for Change Pledge

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Pedaling for Change Totals

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