Walk, Bike, and Roll to School Day on October 4th was an overwhelming success, with a record-breaking 31 schools from across Iowa participating in this inspiring event. The widespread enthusiasm for active transportation demonstrated the collective commitment to creating safer, healthier, and more sustainable communities. Students, parents, and educators came together to promote a greener commute, showing that small steps toward change can make a significant impact. The event not only encouraged physical activity but also fostered a sense of community and school spirit, as families walked, biked, and rolled together to celebrate this day dedicated to an active lifestyle.

A few examples from around the state are listed below. 

Poyner Elementary in Waterloo had designated meet-up points for walking and biking school buses. The mayor of Elk Run rode from one of the bike sites and the mayor of Evansdale walked from the walk site.  The bike racks were overflowing!  Sally Goodenbour of Poyner and Brenda from INRCOG did a great job getting the whole school on board for the event.

Moville Elementary had 111 out of our 250 Elem. students walk or bike voluntarily. Those who walked broke the previous record of 107! They all met at a central location and walked, biked, and rolled together. 

No event is too small to make a difference. Perry Elementary had three students participate in their first ever Walk, Bike, Roll to School Day event. The kiddos were very talkative and expressed their interest and desire to participate in the program. The walking school bus started from the Perry Public Library 

Clarke Elementary in Osceola had a fabulous day. They decorated the entire sidewalk, the length of the school, in sidewalk chalk. There was hopscotch, games, and music pumping, with Officer Fitzpatrick and Mayor Kedley to welcome students.  We had whole families show up on their bikes and scooters.

Four schools participated in Iowa City. City High had dozens of students arrive by bike and even a few teachers. There was even some pedaling around a classroom. Michelle Voss led the charge at Southeast Jr High with a great turnout and many students joining her bike bus. Alexander Elementary had 70 students walk, bike, and roll into class with Mayor Bruce Teague and Councilmember Laura Bergus greeting the students. 

Central Elementary in Coralville participated with Mayor Meghan Foster and new Executive Director Luke Hoffman greeting the students rolling in. 

Lincoln Elementary in Dubuque signed up for a second time and saw exponential growth in participation with over 40 students walking, biking, and rolling this semester. 

Afraid you missed out on the fun? There is still time to plan an event, schools can participate any day in October. If you want to plan and implement an event just register at walkbiketoschool.org/registration. We’ll be happy to help you plan and promote your special day.