Legislative Forums are a productive way to learn if your legislator will support bicycle and traffic safety issues that are important to you. These forums are usually under-attended by the same people.  If you and your bicycling friends show up, you can be a block that they cannot ignore. You can ask questions about their positions and ask directly for them to support your issues.  Unlike email or letters, they usually have to respond to your comments.

Some tips:
1. Do a little research.  Check out our policy and legislative page for more information.
2. Be polite.  Never be mean.
3.  Ask if they are willing to support a specific issue.  e.g. Will you support standard penalties for traffic and bike crashes?
4.  If there are questions and you don’t know the answer, don’t guess.  Follow up at a later time when you can find the answer.
5.  Thank them for their service and be appreciative of their time.

The following legislative forums are scheduled. PLEASE RSVP ON THE FORM BELOW.

  • 2/25/2022    7:00- 8:00 AM    Legislative Forum- Lenox    Representative Dolecheck    Lenox City Hall, 200 S Main St., Lenox, IA 50851    
  • 2/25/2022    8:00-8:30 AM    Town Hall- Plainfield     Speaker Grassley    Plainfield Public Library, 723 Main St., Plainfield, IA 50666    
  • 2/25/2022    9:00-9:30 AM    Town Hall- Waverly    Speaker Grassley    Waverly Public Library, 1500 W. Bremer Ave., Waverly, IA 50677    
  • 2/25/2022    10:15-10:45 AM    Town Hall- Janesville    Speaker Grassley    Janesville Rivier-Roose Events Center, 307 Maple St., Janesville, IA 50647    
  • 2/25/2022    11:15 AM- 12:00 PM    Town Hall- Denver    Speaker Grassley    Denver Public Library, 100 Washington St., Denver, IA 50622    
  • 2/25/2022    12:00-1:30 PM    Legislative Roundtable- Council Bluffs    Area Legislators    Council Bluffs Public Library, 400 Willow Ave., Council Bluffs, IA 51503    
  • 2/25/2022    4:30-6:30 PM    Legislative Forum- Black Hawk/Bremer Counties    Area Legislators    Virtual Event – see link for attendance    https://www.facebook.com/events/689587302221046/?ref=newsfeed
  • 2/26/2022    8:00- 9:00 AM     Legislative Forum- Shenandoah    Representative Dolecheck     Bricker Room, 410 Sheridan Ave., Shenandoah, IA 51601    
  • 2/26/2022    8:00-9:30 AM    Eggs & Issues- Rock Rapids    Sen Rowley and Rep Willis    Frontier Bank, 301 First Ave., Rock Rapids, IA 51246    
  • 2/26/2022    8:30- 9:30 AM    Eggs & Issues- Fort Dodge    Representative Sexton     BHS Auditorium, Iowa Central Community College, 1 Triton Circle, Fort Dodge, IA 50501    
  • 2/26/2022    8:30-9:30 AM    Eggs & Issues- Oskaloosa    Sen Rozenboom, Rep Hite and Rep Brink    Smokey Row Coffee House, 109 South Market St., Oskaloosa, IA 52577    
  • 2/26/2022    9:00- 10:00 AM    Legislative Coffee- Clinton    Senator Cournoyer    Clinton Area Chamber of Commerce, 721 S. 2nd St., Clinton, IA 52732    
  • 2/26/2022    9:30-11:00 AM    Legislative Forum- Johnson County    Area Legislators    Virtual Event – see link for attendance    https://www.facebook.com/events/604357954005585
  • 2/26/2022    10:00- 11:00 AM     Legislative Briefing- Clarinda    Sen. Costello and Rep. Dolecheck     Lied Public Library, 100 E. Garfield St., Clarinda, IA 51632    
  • 2/26/2022    10:00- 11:30 AM    Legislative Town Hall- Sioux CIty    Area Legislators    Sioux City Public Museum, 607 4th St., Sioux City, IA 51101    
  • 2/26/2022    10:30 AM- 12:00 PM    February Talk with Officials- Urbandale    Rep Forbes and Rep Andrews    Urbandale Chamber Office, 2830 100th St., Ste. 110, Urbandale, IA 50322    
  • 2/26/2022    11:00 AM-12:00 PM    Legislative Coffee- Clinton County    Sen. Cournoyer    DeWitt Community Center, 512 10th St., DeWitt, IA 52742    
  • 2/26/2022    1:00- 2:00 PM    Legislative Forum- Mount Ayr    Representative Dolecheck    Ringgold County Courthouse, 109 W Madison St., #204, Mount Ayr, IA 50854