The Iowa Bicycle Coalition is pleased to announce the hiring of Jared Morford as the new Safe Routes to Schools Program Manager. Safe Routes to Schools is a statewide program works with schools and communities to encourage children to safely bike and walk to school. 

Over the last ten years, Jared has previously worked in the cycling industry as well as for the Des Moines Street Collective and Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation. Additionally, he has volunteered with the Ames Bicycle Coalition and served as a board member for the Des Moines chapter of the International Mountain Bike Association and the Iowa Bicycle Action Fund. 

Safe Routes to Schools is a nationwide program funded by the Iowa Department of Transportation which empowers kids, parents, communities, and school to bike and walk to school. In 2019, the program reached over 15,000 students with bike and walk safety material. Approximately 15% of kids walk or ride bicycles to school, while 33% of their fellow students are bussed and 53% are driven to school.  More kids walking and riding bicycles could create significant cost savings for parents and schools while increasing student wellness.

Safety and security are a big priority of the Safe Routes to Schools program.  In 2018, 94 children under 16 were involved in bicycle/motor vehicle crashes. Also in 2018, 85 children were struck by motor vehicles as pedestrians.  Of the 796 crashes involving bicyclists and pedestrians, kids under 16 were involved in 22% of the crashes.

The Iowa Bicycle Coalition is looking forward to having Jared share his passion and knowledge of cycling with Iowa’s youth. 

If your community or school would like to improve the ability of children to bike or walk to school contact Jared Morford at