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Over the past few months, thousands of Iowans have been exploring their state with the Iowa By Trail app. Soon, we’re bringing the app to thousands more with our Android release.


This is the tool we’ve all been waiting for.


But we need your help: Help us bring the Iowa By Trail app to Android users so everyone can discover all that Iowa’s trails have to offer.

We’ve been awarded a $40,000 match grant from The Wellmark Foundation, a grant recognizing programs and technology that are committed to fostering healthier Iowans and a community more connected to nature. Through gifts and pledges, we need to raise our own $40,000 to ensure that we receive The Wellmark Foundation’s grant. We have until Dec. 15, 2014.

Android app development is time consuming and expensive. If we meet our goal, the funding from our donors and The Wellmark Foundation will bring the app to thousands more users and expand the data and information, creating the most expansive trails resource Iowa has ever seen.

 “The Iowa By Trail app is an innovative way to use technology to encourage people to move naturally and get outdoors.” – Stephanie Perry, The Wellmark Foundation

Along with private donations, we’re hoping to crowd-fund a portion of our goal—$10,000—not only to reach new audiences, but also to build a community committed to Iowa’s trails and natural resources. By donating to this campaign, you become an advocate for Iowa’s trails system and the health of our state’s residents, economies and natural areas. Together, we’re making Iowa the World Capital of Trails.