The Iowa House Transportation Committee recently passed House File 214, a bill that would require drivers to yield to bicyclists as well as pedestrians in crosswalks. This marks an important step forward for advocates of bike safety in Iowa, who have long been calling for greater protections for vulnerable road users.

House File 214 would add bicycles to the list of vehicles that must be yielded to by drivers when using crosswalks. Currently, Iowa law only requires drivers to yield to pedestrians in crosswalks, leaving bicyclists without the same level of protection.

The bill has garnered significant support from bike advocates across the state, who see it as an important step towards making Iowa’s roads safer for all users. According to the Iowa Bicycle Coalition, “House File 214 would clarify the right of bicyclists to use crosswalks and make it clear that drivers must yield to them.”

The passage of House File 214 through the House Transportation Committee is a significant achievement for bike advocates, who have been pushing for greater protections for bicyclists and pedestrians on Iowa’s roads. The bill will now move on to the full House of Representatives for further consideration, and advocates are urging all Iowans to contact their representatives and voice their support for House File 214.