The city of Indianola just passed the first reading of their new local bike ordinance. It still needs to pass at two more council votes.

Indianola is using the model ordinance written by the Iowa Bicycle Coalition to improve the local bike laws on the books including:

  • Change lanes to pass,
  • 3′ clearance for bike lanes and paved shoulders,
  • Door zone protection,
  • Required yielding to bicyclists in crosswalks, and
  • Proper e-bicycle regulation.

–all make Indianola a great place for the modern bicyclist to ride.  View the proposed ordinance (It is on page 155 of the meeting packet).

Today, Indianola is on track to become the next step towards improving all local bike laws in the 270 towns of Iowa. But the fight isn’t over, and it’s too early to declare victory. You can help us keep the momentum going and let your city council know you stand with the passage of the proposed ordinance.

With an ever-increasing number of advocates like you and more towns joining our cause, we can make the state-wide bicycling changes we need to modernize our laws and make cycling better for the future. Please join us today and support the updates of Indianola Bike Laws.