Blog1aBlog1bBlog1cBlog1dHere is the first in a series of hydration tips from nuun as you prepare for RAGBRAI.  nuun is the official hydration sponsor of RAGBRAI.

Staying hydrated is easier said than done. it’s easy to get caught up in life and forget to drink water on our rest days. these tips will help you drink more fluids.

nuun all day. The light, subtle flavor will keep you reaching for your bottle all day and with 0 grams of sugar and 17 essential vitamins and minerals, they’re a delicious way to drink your vitamins! …. and speaking of your bottle…

  1. find a water bottle you really does make a difference (ahem… if we can make a suggestion…)
  2. find the right temperature. some prefer drinking ice cold water, others prefer room temperature. figure out what you like and stick with it.
  3. drink from a straw. try it. you’ll take bigger sips.
  4. try a reward. for example, you can’t have your morning cup of coffee until you’ve had a full glass of water…. and a bonus tip for when you’re traveling:
  5. bring an empty bottle with you through can fill it up on the other side at drinking fountains or restaurants/cafes. flying is particularly dehydrating, and bringing an empty bottle to fill up will help you stay hydrated without having to purchase expensive bottled water.