People often ask what Iowa Safe Routes to School does during the winter. The answer is we get ready for the next year of biking and walking events throughout the state of Iowa. Below is just a quick rundown of some of the things the Iowa Safe Routes to School Team is working on for the next year. In 2022 we are asking you to get involved and help improve walking and bike to school for kids across Iowa. Below are just a few of the ways that you can get involved in Iowa Safe Routes to School in 2022.

Safe Routes Routes Conference – The Safe Routes to School Conference is our first event of every year. Iowa Safe Routes to School love the conference because it’s a chance to bring people together who are committed to kids safely biking and walking,, but it’s also a chance to bring people together and learn. Iowa Safe Routes Staff is a bunch of nerds who love learning. If you want to attend the conference in person or virtually, check out the link

League of American Bicyclists – LCI Training – This summer Iowa Safe Routes to School will be hosting our first League of American Bicyclists, League Certified Instructor (LCI) class. The LCI class is a great way to create trained advocates who can help further Safe Routes to School programming into the future. As of now, we are planning to host the class in June of 2022 with the League of American Bicyclists. If you are interested in knowing more about registering take our interest survey.

Bike Rodeos/Education – Last year Iowa Safe Routes to School hosted 15 rodeos and bike education events throughout the state. The pandemic significantly reduced school bandwidth. Currently, Iowa Safe Routes to School already has 25 Bike Rodeos planned for 2022! We have the ability and capacity to work with more schools and communities. Now is a great time to start the conversation about hosting a bike rodeo. If you want to know more about how your school or community can host a bike rodeo please contact

New Partnerships – New partnerships are how we grow the Safe Routes to School movement thought-out Iowa. Last year we worked with Schools, ISU Extension, Wellmark Healthy Hometown, 21st Century Community Learning Centers, just to name a few. This year we are doubling down on our commitment to work with organizations that are willing to help Iowa Safe Routes to School educate kids on how to safely walk and bike to school. Be that new partner in 2022.

As we grow in 2022 we look forward to working with new schools and communities across Iowa. We hope that you will work with Iowa Safe Routes to School in the upcoming year.