Bike theft in Iowa is a real problem. In a survey of Iowa Bicycle Coalition
constituents, we found 20% have had a bike stolen. Worse, only 4.5% of stolen
bicycles were recovered. Even more concerning, only 9% of bikes stolen were
reported to be locked when the bike was stolen.

Bike thieves are becoming more sophisticated by using battery-powered cutting tools to break locks. They are also more brazen because many thefts are occurring with bikes which are stored in garages, porches, and patios. There are also reports of thieves stealing bikes in broad daylight and high traffic areas.

It is in your best interest to learn how to properly lock your bicycle when parking in public. This guide gives bicyclists the best tips for parking and securing your bicycle when you have to park in public. Experienced bicyclists have learned techniques to protect their bicycles from theft. Those best practices are shared in this guide.