Okoboji, IA — Iowa isn’t near a coast, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t beaches.

Cyclists stopped at Okoboji on Sunday and got time to rest by the Iowa Great Lakes.

The lakes, which includes Spirit, West Okoboji and East Okoboji, were naturally created by glaciers.

Kurt Eagle, 55, of Fort Worth, Texas, said Texas coasts and Iowa coasts are completely different.

“It doesn’t even compare,” Eagle said. “This is awesome. It looks like cleaner water to me.”

For Luis Leon, 46, of Mexico City, West Okoboji Lake defied expectations.

“So far, it’s pretty, Leon said. “Everything has been great.”

And from San Jose, Calif., Cindy Kindall, 57, said the lake is cleaner than the waters she sees in her state.

“This is beautiful,” Kindl said. “It’s pristine.”



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