A crack in the center of a road east of Yale is causing some trouble for Ragbrai riders, said RAGBRAI Medical Director Bob Libby.

The crack is on the RAGBRAI route east of Yale on the way to the overnight town of Perry. About four riders have been transported to a hospital from this stretch of road, Libby said.

Other riders have been injured and treated without having to go to a hospital, Libby said. He did not know how many injuries had been treated on this stretch of road.

“We’re seeing more because people are tired and there’s a crack in the center part of the road,” Libby said. “People are falling down.”

The RAGBRAI medical team is treating mostly orthopedic injuries and abrasions, Libby said. He explained how none of the injuries appeared to be life threatening.

RAGBRAI Director TJ Juskiewicz said he thinks there have been fewer accidents than usual, but “it’s hard to tell until it’s all said and done,” he said.

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