It’s been a busy night for Court Avenue bars and eateries, but it got off to a slow start, managers said.

“We just thought that everyone was going to get here a bit earlier,” said Jeremy Weaver, a manager at the packed Mickey’s Irish Pub.

Though the bar opened at 10 a.m., it didn’t fill up until sometime between 7 and 8, Weaver said.

Since then, he said, the crowd has not relented.

But at Court Avenue Brewing Company next door, things were more quiet by 10 p.m.

Before then, said manager Matt Ronquillo, the entire dining room was full, meeting his expectations for extra staffing.

“We warned all our people about it,” Ronquillo said.

Legends too was fairly quiet around 10, but manager Angie Reis said the night was far from over.

It had started out “crazy busy” around 5 p.m., and she was still expecting a rush after midnight, as people stream out of the festival on the bridges.

“We’re planning to wait and see how that will impact us,” Reis said.