RADCLIFFE, Ia. — Here’s the recipe for “biker heaven”: WiFi, air-conditioning and, maybe most importantly, ice cream.

It’s All Good!, a small gift and dessert store in Radcliffe, was a popular destination for RAGBRAI riders to take a load off during the Karras Loop, an optional route that upped the day’s total to 100 miles.

“Do you sell these pies anywhere else?” Jeff Suchomel of Omaha asked after eating a slice a la mode.

Customers at It's All Good!

Customers at It’s All Good!

“Nope, just here in Radcliffe,” said Dalona Fiscus, who owns the store with her husband Mike. “From Omaha, that’s a long way to come for a piece of pie.”

“It’s delicious,” Suchomel said. “I was sure you’d sell it other places. You should! The next time I am in this area, I will stop by, definitely.”

The Fiscus family bought It’s All Good! about four months ago. They live in Radcliffe, a tiny town with a population of just over 500, and when the restaurant went up for sale earlier this year, the Fiscus’ acted fast.

“We just love this store and we wanted to make sure that it stayed open and stayed in town,” said Fiscus.

Open Tuesday through Saturday, the store sells ice cream, homemade pie and chocolates, and features a well-stocked gift section complete with greeting cards, wine and knickknacks. Most days It’s All Good! has a lunch special and on Friday and Saturday the family serves homemade pizza.

Staffed by Fiscus’ five kids, business was non-stop during Tuesday’s Karras Loop rush. But don’t worry, the family prepared.

“We made a lot of extra pies,” Fiscus said, smiling and stressing the a lot, “We were ready for RAGBRAI.”

—  Courtney Crowder, @courtneycare

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