Greg Borzo didn’t write his book to make money. He created it to help spread the word about “America’s favorite bicycle ride,” he said.

“My goal was to tell a story,” Borzo said. “I wanted to tell an accurate, balanced story.”

The story he chose to tell was that of RAGBRAI. His book, “RAGBRAI: America’s Favorite Bicycle Ride,” was released in mid to late June.

The book was released this year because this is the 40th year of RAGBRAI, Borzo said. He thinks the book will continue to be relevant and “the popularity will grow.”

About 3,000 copies of the 168-page book have sold already, Borzo said. He described how one team on RAGBRAI bought more than 100 copies of it.

“It’s doing great,” Borzo said. “I didn’t expect this kind of response.”

Borzo, who has written four other books, said this was the first book he’s written that had pre-sales.

“People were waiting for it to come out,” he said.

However, Borzo said he did not write the book to make money.

“I invested more than I will ever make,” he said.

Borzo said he created “RAGBRAI: America’s Favorite Bicycle Ride” to teach people about “a unique and incredible event, RAGBRAI.”