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First 2018 Fatal Bicycle Crash in Cedar Rapids


It is with sadness that the Iowa Bicycle Coalition reports the first bicyclist killed by a motorist in 2018.  28-year-old Christopher Scott Lewis was killed while riding his bicycle crossing Collins Road in Cedar Rapids.   While the initial media release stated the driver had a green light, we patiently await a full traffic investigation […]


Code of Ordinance URL: BIKE LAWS: Definitions/Scope of Regulations Brakes required. Double Riding Restricted Sirens and Whistles Prohibited Two Abreast Limit Lamps and Reflectors Bicycle Paths Stopping Control with Hands on Handlebars Place of Riding Following Emergency Vehicles Improper Riding Clinging to Other Vehicles Parking Reckless Operation Violations/Scheduled Fine Responsibility of parents. Turn Signals […]

Hi-Viz Mandate Added to Bike Safety Bill


There is news to share, but it isn’t good. On Thursday, the Iowa House voted HF513 out of the House Transportation Committee. Unfortunately, there was an amendment (H3157) to require bicyclists to display 144 square inches of high-visiblity material or reflective material on roads with speed limits 45 mph and above. There would be a $25 fine if violated. Organized […]



Our Safe Routes to School program goes to classrooms, teaches bike safety, and holds bike rodeos all over Iowa. We get a grant for this program, but must provide 25% match funds.  This program is even more vital after the five fatal bicycle crashes involving young people 8 to 19 years-old this year.   The […]