Board of Directors

The Iowa Bicycle Coalition is governed by a 12-person board of directors. The organization meets every other month either by phone or in-person with an annual meeting in April. Each director serves a three year term. The terms of the directors are staggered into three classes.

  1. Jeri Neal from Ames, elected 2004, President, term expires 2016.
  2. Forrest Ridgway from West Des Moines, Vice President, elected 2004, term expires 2017.
  3. Lisa Hein from Ames, Treasurer, elected 2004, term expires 2017.
  4. Steven Schnitker from Council Bluffs, Secretary, elected 2008, term expires 2016.
  5. Steve Schurtz from Mason City, elected 2008, term expires 2015.
  6. Von Ketelsen, elected 2014, term expires 2015.
  7. Charlie Smith from Marshalltown, elected 2009, term expires 2015.
  8. Kay Snopek from Boone, elected 2009, term expires 2017.
  9. Tim Nelson from Davenport, elected 2010, term expires 2017.
  10. Jason Sytsma from Cedar Rapids, elected 2011, term expires 2017
  11. Benjamin Clark from Des Moines, elected 2012, term expires 2015
  12. Wayne Fett from Iowa City, elected 2013, term expires 2015
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