October 10, 2016

District Leader

The Iowa Bicycle Coalition has a district leader program to connect with legislators.  District leaders actively seek meetings with elected officials in their areas to talk about bicycling issues.  The goal is to have one district leader for each house and senate district.  This ensures a voter/bicyclist from the legislators district has a line of communications.  The bulk of communications will take place during the fall, following the November election and during the legislative session from January to May.

The Coalition will hold several video conferences prior to the session to discuss strategy and train district leaders on message.  Video conferences will generally be held on Fridays during the session.

If you are interested in becoming a district leader for the Iowa Bicycle Coalition, please email mark@iowabicyclecoalition.org.  Current members can select “Become a district leader” in their online profile.

News and updates

We have launched a private Facebook Group for Iowa Bicycle Coalition District Leaders.  Join it at https://www.facebook.com/groups/ibcdistrictleaders/

Talking Points Memo: View our latest talking points memo online.  This language will be updated and will refresh.

Meeting Schedule & Session Calendar

Session Begins: January 8
Iowa Bike Expo District Leader Meeting: January 27
First Funnel: February 16
Bike Day at the Capitol: February 20
Second Funnel: March 16
Per Diem Ends: April 17

District Leader Webinars

January 12
January 19
Expo Meeting: January 27 Noon
February 2
February 9
February 16
February 23
March 2
March 9
March 16

Note: We have both video and phone on the same platform.
Dial-in Number: (605) 472-5390
Access Code: 498620
Online Meeting Link: join.freeconferencecall.com/iowabicyclecoalition
Online Meeting ID: iowabicyclecoalition

LIVE Campaign Map

The following map indicates who/where action has been taken during the last action alert campaign.
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Legislator Response Form