October 17, 2017

Thank You!

Thank you for taking the 2017 Iowa Bicyclist Survey.  This information helps us with policy decisions, economic impacts, and much more.  We appreciate your support of Iowa Bicycling.


If you aren’t a member of the Iowa Bicycle Coalition, now is a great time to join.  Just visit www.iowabicyclecoalition.org/join.

District Leaders:

If you checked that you want to be a district leader, we will contact you when we begin to have meetings with our legislators.  During the legislative session, we have meetings online every Friday at noon.  Instructions will be sent soon on the meeting schedule.

Driver Education:

You can help with Driver Education presentations all over Iowa.  More information is at http://traffic.iowabicyclecoalition.org

Safe Routes to School:

Our schedule varies, but we will be releasing an RFP for Bike Rodeos towards the end of the year.  We will contact you if you want to help with safe routes to school programming.

Once again, thanks for your support.