Marty Shukart – Marty is a Community Bike Planner with RDG Consultants in City of De Soto, Kansas. Committed to changing small towns access to proper bicycle trails, Marty is making giant steps in the cycling community.

Mark Pooley

Mark Pooley is a second year Master’s degree candidate in the School of Urban and Regional Planning with concentrations in Land Use/ Environmental Planning and Transportation Planning. He earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Biology from the Mt. Mercy College. His interest in Urban Planning arose from living and working in Seattle, and later moving to Minneapolis- St. Paul. During the summer of 2012 he worked for the University of Iowa Public Policy Center to develop residential emissions estimates for the Johnson County Air Quality Study – where he became interested in the connection between public health in urban planning.  He is an active Bike Library Volunteer and contributing member to Think Bicycle of Johnson County.  He hopes help communities plan bicycle infrastructure more effectively and efficiently through gaining a better understanding of how infrastructure, information, and incentives influence user choice regarding bicycle commuting.

Ashley Christensen, Safe Routes to School Liaison

Ashley Christensen, Safe Routes to School Liaison, works closely with Northeast Iowa schools and communities to promote safer, more quality walk and bicycle programs. October 3rd, 2012, Ashley coined International Walk to school day “Walktober 3rd” to celebrate and promote physical activity. Over 6000 Northeast Iowa students participated in the “Walktober 3rd” event and its success speaks to the quality of physical activity for our youth. Ashley will be speaking on the Safe Routes to Schools project during the 2013 Iowa Bicycle Summit.


Andrea Chase is the Trails Coordinator for the Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation. Established in 1979, this nonprofit functions to protect and preserve more than 110,000 acres of Iowa’s beautiful prairies, wetlands, greenways, trails and river corridors. Andrea believes that trails are essential in promoting active lifestyles, while reconnecting communities with each other and the natural environment. According to a recent study, Andrea concluded that Cedar Rapids has more tails per person than any other area in the state of Iowa. Iowa Bicycle Coalition celebrates Andrea’s success in raising money and awareness for the necessity of more physical activity, while preserving Iowa’s natural habitat. We are excited to have Andrea at the Iowa Bicycle Summit speaking on the topic of creating trails from scratch.


Ginny Sullivan, Special Projects Director for the Adventure Cycling Association, is a Montana native whose passion lies in horse riding and cycling. In 2005 Ginny joined Adventure Cycling to coordinate the U.S. Bicycle Route System resulting in making bicycle travel more accessible and fun. Her background and professional experiences cover event and program management, health and fitness promotion, and disease prevention. Ginny is truly a strong advocate for healthy physical lifestyles and continued efforts for a safer, more efficient bicycle environment. Iowa Bicycle Coalition is thrilled to have Ginny as one of our speakers presenting her work through Adventure Cycling and the U.S. Bicycle Route System.


Andy Clarke was appointed to Executive Director of the League of American Bicyclists in April of 2004 after his successful work in creating and implementing transportation programs. Before joining the League, Clarke was on contact to provide technical assistance to the Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center at the Federal Highway Administration. Coming from a strong policy background, Clarke has managed a range of bicycle and pedestrian planning projects at a state and metropolitan level. Clarke continues to serve as an advocate for the bicycle community with his work on the Board of Directors for American Bikes and through his continued involvement in the Association of Pedestrian and Bicycling Professionals. Attendees of the 2013 Iowa Bicycle Summit will have the opportunity to hear from Clarke and his work towards building bicycle friendly communities.

Lisa Hein – Lisa is envisioning beautiful trails showcasing Iowa’s magnificent outdoors through proper cycling trails.