Bikes WELCOME 2017 Sticker for Businesses


Iowa loves bicyclists, right?! The Iowa Bicycle Coalition is on a mission to increase bicycle tourism in Iowa.  We have a new program to promote businesses who want to enhance the bicycling experience in Iowa and also a way to encourage cyclists to seek out these businesses.  Please purchase and display this sticker for cyclists to see!

We are in the process of updating our website and soon you will have the opportunity to showcase your business. Cyclists will be able to go to the website, find a bike route, and see what businesses are in the area.  It’s a great benefit for you as a business by increasing traffic and tourism.

Bicyclists spend millions of dollars annually, and once this program spreads across the state, cyclists will seek out the Bikes WELCOME sticker, and spend their money at your business! More information will be coming your way soon.

Thank you for your support of the Iowa Bicycle Coalition!

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